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Viper Power Cell EV-V120

Upgrade the Heart of your RV to Lithium Iron Phosphate with our industry leading VIPER line of deep cell house batteries. 

EV-V120-2A-KIT Viper Power Cell Dual RV Kit (Airstream)

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Power your next adventure with a Lithium Viper Power Cell Dual Battery Kit! This kit provides everything needed for your  RV’s successful heart transplant to the exciting new world of lithium technology! Big power contained in a small lightweight package is what you can expect. Our lithium drop replacement system will give you years of dependable service cycle after cycle. Our 64-pound Viper Lithium System is comparable in power to replacing 450 pounds of outdated lead acid style batteries! 

  • Longer Life Cycles:  Exceed 6,000 full cycles, 6 times better than lead-acid batteries
  • Less Self-discharge rate: less than 2-3% monthly
  • Less weight and size: 35% of lead acid batteries, lower tongue weight
  • Better performance at high and low temperatures
  • Higher discharge power: 6 times that of lead-acid batteries
  • Saves money: cell cycle life up to 10 years
  • Less charging time: 2-3 times faster
  • Safer: No explosion, No Fire
  • Better RV Experience
  • Lithium does not freeze
  • 98% Energy efficient
  • Maintenance Free
  • Side By Side Configuration

EV-V120-2A-Kit Specifications

Battery StyleLifePo4
Capacity240Ah (2x 120Ah)
Battery Management SystemBuilt-In & Serviceable
Dimensions13-1/8"W x 10-1/4"L x 9-1/2"H
Max Discharge Rate200 Amps
Continuous Discharge Rate160 Amps
Charger Rate60 Amps
Buss Bar Connectors2 Ea
8 AWG DC Charging Cord8 Ft.
6 AWG Grounding Cord5 Ft.
Fuse Block Buss Bar
1 Ea.
Mini Fuse Block1 Ea.
Fuse-80 Amp1 Ea.


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